Monday, March 19, 2018

Mike Pence has a daughter

I didn't know that.  That's because Pence is a Republican.  During the Obama years of course, we heard never ending praise and adoration for Joe Biden and his wife and family, his late son, Obama's family, his wife, his daughters, and almost every week heard or read some form of hagiography about someone in the respective households.

But Pence?  I assumed he was married, and I assumed he had kids.  But hadn't heard anything.  Trump's kids don't count since they're in the news all the time - at least in terms of the latest scandal or investigation.  But Pence?

Of course Pence also reminds us of the hypocrisy behind the whole 'we're only like this [fanatical and hysterics about removing Trump] because Trump is such a horrible person.  Both during the 2016 campaign, and over the last year every time someone suggested Trump could be impeached, we saw the Left come after Pence with both barrels.  Each time we were reminded it is really Pence who is Hitler, Himmler, Charles Manson, Satan and the guy who squeezes the Charmin rolled into one. 

Trump has allowed the Left to excuse what they have done for decades, and that's use any weapon possible to destroy the lives of those who don't conform.  Like Bush's invasion of Iraq was an excuse used by countries that had long hated us to finally admit it, so Trump is the excuse used to justify what the Left has done forever.  The hatred aimed at Pence, and the general ignoring of his family or anything at all to do with him that isn't negative, should be all the evidence we need to see the obvious.

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