Thursday, March 22, 2018

Conservatives can be wrong

As can capitalists, socialists, atheists, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, druids, pagans, witches, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, doctors, lawyers, chefs, police officers, priests, ministers, doctors, lawyers, evangelists, architects, railroad engineers, journalists, politicians and delivery truck divers.

So why do I spend most of my time harping on the modern Left?  Easy.  Because I consider it the most direct and visible threat to our nation, our well being, our freedoms and the world in which my sons will raise their children.

This is not because the Left itself is filled with people any worse at their worst than the worst in any other group.  Nor is it because the Left alone is wrong, and everyone else is spot on correct about everything.  It is because the Left has the full support of the agencies, industries and institutions that should, and typically do, protect us from the excesses and wickedness of various groups.  The press, the world of arts and culture, the academy and educational institutions, and those professions that they fill, such as courts and judge's benches, are increasingly backing and promoting even the worst the modern Left has to offer.

These bulwarks of freedom have embraced new forms of racism, bigotry, discrimination and pining for segregation based on ethnicity, nationality, religion and gender.  They have stood by as the worst of the Left has called for censorship, oppression, intimidation and outright violence.  They have pardoned and made excuses or downplayed or ignored as the radicals of the Left have declared themselves grand inquisitors, judge and jury with the right to accuse and then destroy all based on a mere insistence of guilt, even including destruction of property and physical violence.  These institutions have even turned blind eyes to antisemitism, racism, sexism and even sexual assault when those might tarnish the designs and narratives of the Left.

Instead of protecting us and our democracy, the press, schools, entertainment industry and even some courts look away, or even cheer along.  When Muslim groups said they want Christians with traditional beliefs barred from government positions, we heard nothing.  When radical leftists attacked, shot at, tortured and assaulted conservatives and  Trump supporters, it barely made more than a polite discussion on most media outlets before being swept under the rug.  When people were fined, fired and punished for their non-liberal views about gay marriage or gender, the press and most of our popular culture venues rejoiced with great rejoicing, or joined in the fray.  Oh, and it's worth noting that a growing number of liberals, religious or otherwise, are joining in, as are some conservatives who are clearly growing tired of the fight.

That's why I'm so hard on the emergent, insurrectionist Left.  If conservative radical racists came out and said Blacks deserve what they get when it comes to violence, and the press said nothing or, worse, entertained debate about it, I'd pounce all over it.  If someone on the right said that violence against non-conformers could be justified, and you had scholars and movies and television shows and news broadcasts giving it some form of legitimacy, I'd be on it like white on rice.

As it is, it's the Left saying the same damn thing about whites committing suicide and falling through America's cracks who receive the same exact responses I just laid out as extreme examples, and that's why I focus on the Left.  Because it's not focused on by the press, universities, or halls of Hollywood - unless it's to excuse and support the evil.  The same goes for the left's calls for censorship, oppression, violence, government retribution against non-conformity, and the manifold sins with which the Left has long flirted.

When you see even Christians justifying the grave evils of our age in fealty to a force of evil, and those agencies that should protect us joining in, it's time to admit what the greatest threat to our well-being and the future of our posterity actually is.  We'll have time for other, less direct threats down the road.  And some day other forces of evil may tickle the ears of our establishment, and then we will focus accordingly.  But today's evil is enough, and today's evil threat wears the label 'Leftist' for easy identification, fully supported by our protectors, and advocated by a growing number of leaders who appear to have given up the fight.

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