Thursday, March 8, 2018

How I know Jordan Peterson is probably onto something

The American propaganda ministry press is all but ignoring him.  Here, one Father Raymond J. de Souza throws out some kudos toward Peterson, and the UK Catholic Herald points out the strong biblical underpinning that goes along with Peterson's somewhat Gnostic/secular viewpoints.  And those are just the most recent articles I've found from various sources around the world.

But across the US media, apart from FOX, I have heard nary a story or interview.  Perhaps there has been one or two, but after a while of searching the most I came up with was this 2017 CNN editorial upset that a black professor who advocated white genocide was forced to quit.  FWIW, I agree with CNN's premise and don't think shutting down speech is the answer, but then I'm not going to cry a river over those who seem to think the only thing wrong with Hitler was that he did it because they were Jewish instead of White.

Otherwise, I've found virtually nothing in television media, only the written press.  And even then, there was a flurry of stories after the now legendary train wreck that was the UK interview a couple months ago.   Perhaps because of how Peterson owned the interview, others are leery about wading into the fray.  I don't know.

It's enough to realize that if the press saw a weak spot, they would pounce.  The fact that they're not dragging Peterson onto their shows, or continuing to point to him as it would someone advocating post-gender realities or broadened euthanasia policies, suggests he's saying something right.  At least he's saying something that media fears to dwell upon, and that speaks volumes.


  1. Yep.

    1. Isn't it odd that Peterson is the one described as controversial, as opposed to those who were out to protest free speech?

    2. Yep. And like you say, the part that's really troubling is that "common knowledge" is now controversial.

    3. How does that paraphrase of Voltaire go? If someone can make you believe the absurd, he can make you commit atrocities. I'd say the modernist Left is doing a bangup job at the absurdity part. They seem to be warming up to phase II.


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