Friday, March 9, 2018

So my oldest boy was in an auto accident last night

Therefore, I am going to be busy, busy, busy helping him through things.  Being me, I've never been in an accident before.  In fact, I've driven for 35 years and never had so much as a ticket.  So it's a bit of the blind leading the blind.  But kids still do strange things, like call their Dads when they're at an accident site even though they know their parents have no real experience with things.  And their Dads still do strange things, like make it across town in less than 10 minutes when it typically takes about 25.

The good news is that, even though the collision was at almost 50 mph, both parties walked away relatively unhurt.  Banged up a bit, and our boy is pretty sore, but looks like he'll be fine.  Part of the reason it turned out as good as it did was that he turned out to have pretty good reflexes, and swerved in such a way as to minimize the impact.  It was the other driver's fault, having run a stop sign in order to beat the oncoming traffic.  She failed.  And despite his reflexes, I fear our car is totaled.  No clue what it will mean, as our own car was almost 15 years old and probably not worth much, but a new one is well outside our ability to purchase.

Nonetheless, overall we're into new territory here, and our son is as ignorant as we are, but does lack that one precious commodity in life that the youth rebellion long since dismissed: time.  I don't know more than him, but I have time on my resume, and that will help me find a few things and go a few places that he, who per the doctors will likely be down for a few days, wouldn't know to do. 

So that will keep me busy for the next day or two.  I had several posts ready on deck (I usually do, and give them a quick once over - I would never call what I do editing - and then publish).  Those will have to wait, so some of them might be published later referencing things 'yesterday' that were, in fact, days ago.

I will mention this.  I notice Donald Trump is meeting with North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un.  I doubt he is any less skeptical than I am, given North Korea's track record.  Nonetheless, I noticed the news coverage this morning.  The gist of it was 'can Trump negate anything with a porn star filing a law suite?'.  I thought about the stark contrast from back in the day of Clinton when the press, almost overwhelmingly, covered the Lewinsky scandal as 'shouldn't we drop the scandal because it is preventing the President from working for the American people?'.  What a difference a couple decades make.  I'll think more on that as time permits.   Of course they might just dismiss Trump altogether, especially if things go well.

Anyhoo, I'm off for the next few, and will be back as soon as possible. 

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  1. Not just time, but social capital.

    If you've got a good insurance agent, they should talk you through handling everything. This might be a blessing as they will probably decide to total your car and you can look into getting a newer one. Here's hoping you find yourself a good deal.


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