Friday, March 23, 2018

I don't know what to make of the Vatican Letter issue

The BBC brings us up to date.  It seems pretty small potatoes.  I think the problem is that Pope Francis, like many Christian leaders across the board, is trying to make the Faith relevant to a world openly trying to evangelize the Faith out of existence.  He is doing this, again like others, by taking the banner for issues that modernity says is important - open immigration, post-national globalism, global warming, primacy of the individual - and downplaying such old notions as Salvation by the Gospel, the traditional marriage unit, abortion, homosexuality and other things considered important up to a decade or so ago.

Because Pope Francis has jumped on things like "Fake News" as one of the great evils of the age, it becomes imperative to keep a tight ship where reporting news is concerned.  If the sins of the world were sexual or immorality, then you couldn't have people running around sleeping with their secretaries.  If the sins of modernity have been pushed aside under the auspices of 'mercy' and 'just love'em', while Global Warming or Fake News are elevated to the great threats to humanity of the age, then you have to keep your you-know-what wired tight where Carbon and Fake news are just the same.

And in this case, it obviously wasn't.

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