Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The Left has passed ludicrous on its way toward going to plaid

Going to plaid: When you have far outpaced "Ludicrous Speed"

Not that I have anything against Ms. Hoyt's blog, but I had to check to see if the Dobby story was, you know, true.  Yep, every sad bit of it.

I've been coming to the conclusion that white liberals are the real racists, just as it turned out liberal men were the real sexists warring on women through harassment and sexual assault.  Note, however, you don't hear the myriad liberal icons accused of doing the dirty thing actually called sexist.  My guess is that 'sexism', like 'racism', is a term used to designate the nonconforming, non-leftist unclean, and nothing more.  They no longer mean things like racism and sexism.

So when liberals in Texas saw a statue of a gorilla, they apparently could think of nothing other than racism.   Exactly why the statue of a gorilla made them think of racism is something beyond me, but I can hazard a guess. Sort of like those liberals I know who outwardly speak tolerance of homosexuality but behind closed doors are all icky about the gross gay stuff.  Outwardly it's all defeating America's evil racist past, but inwardly?  You have to wonder what inside of them made them think racial thoughts when they saw the gorilla.

But see it they did, and they immediately went martial law on the town and demanded the glorious censorship that has worked so well in destroying America's greater heritage.  Why worry about reality, truth, facts, or just plain old common sense, when hysterics and witch hunts can fill the time just as nicely?

Except this time it didn't work.  At least not so far.  Ms.Green's greater article, referencing Thomas Sowell's book Black Rednecks and White Liberals (I haven't read) unpacks the insanity and madness, hysterics and rabid lunacy that is defining the post-fact PC world of the Left, as well as corrupting its cohorts in the press, academia and entertainment industry, all of which seem particularly vulnerable to such lunacy.

Edit:  I had missed that the article on Ms. Hoyt was written by guest contributor Amanda S. Green.  I made the changes for credit, but wanted to make sure credit was given where due.


  1. Minor correction which is an easy mistake: While the article is posted on Sarah Hoyt's website, it's actually written by Amanda S. Green - a friend of hers who posts blogs there at times.


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