Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Austin Bombings and Racism

At this juncture, it's fair to ask what the motives are when it comes to a serial crime like this.  Bombings are happening around Austin, TX.  There have been fatalities.  There have been serious injuries.  It looks to be ongoing.

Because the first bombs targeted Hispanic and Black Americans, it was obviously an easy leap to imagine the attacks were motivated by race.  Even if police were hesitant, I can understand why some would at least want to ask the question, or even draw a conclusion about racial motivations.

That is where it should stop, however.  Fact is, we don't know what the motive is, and the last bombing was set in a predominantly Asian and White neighborhood - whatever that means.  I mean, does it mean mostly Asian, are there some Asians, are there only a few Whites, is there nobody else?  A vague description to be sure.  But the latest two victims - who thankfully seem to have suffered minor injuries - were White.

So while racism is obviously on the table, it's less clear now than it was only days ago when even then it was hardly a sure conclusion.  If you are asking the question to help solve the riddle, then that's fair.  If you've already drawn the conclusion, accused and convicted, and furthermore jumped over any barriers to convict and sentence and verbally execute an entire swath of America for being racists who love this sort of carnage because racists, then you might want to look in the mirror the next time you ponder why we've become so violent and hateful as a nation.

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