Monday, March 26, 2018

Gun control humor

HT Donald McClarey

It's humor of course, but it also shows the hypocrisy behind the complete and unqualified allegiance that the New Prolife Movement has with this movement, funded by agencies like Planned Parenthood, dedicated to demanding sacrifices [from everyone else], and aligned with many of the forces likely behind the actual reason suicides and mass killings are now a common occurrence.  At least Mark Shea admits he  wants to abolish the 2nd Amendment (other Amendments to follow directly). 
Meanwhile I say we make St. Oscar Romero, shot to death March 24, 1980, the Patron of Gun Violence Victims and ask him to obtain for us the destruction of the Gun Cult and the repeal of the Second Amendment so we can finally start instituting sane laws.  (No, repealing the 2A is not “outlawing guns”.  There is no right to keep and bear cars in the Constitution, but lots of people still have them.  Repealing the 2A would make it possible to make gun ownership as difficult and expensive as car ownership, including requiring expensive registration and insurance.  You’ll live, Gun Cult.)
Of course Mark is a political Leftist, he doesn't represent the actual Catholic teachings. He has to know what he says is BS, especially after once calling out Obama and the Left as tyrants for the HHS Mandate's naked attack on religious liberty.  It's highly unlikely the side that taught Americans to chuck religious freedom for our libidos can be over-trusted when it comes to gun ownership. 

What is troubling in Mark's piece is that Pope Francis seems to embrace such things as 'power to the youth.'  Was a time when we taught age and wisdom were what young people should strive for.  After decades of handing the torch to one generation of youngsters after another, you'd think we'd have learned something.   Especially, as I said, if the adults who are so horrible today were the youth of yesterday who were supposed to make it all right.

Apparently not.  Once more Pope Francis and most of the modern Left has very little that isn't in common.  Whether that is why the entire Church seems to be collapsing before the onslaughts of the post-Christian Left, or simply the logical extension of a process years in the making, I don't know.  But the fact that a movement so clearly partisan, post-modern and riddled with endless problems behind the attitudes, hatred, vitriol and demagoguery all but gets a pass by those who strut under the moniker of New Pro-Life, and do so in complete allegiance to forces that should be antithetical to anything close to Pro-Life, much less Christian, shows that we are heading into an age of shadows for the Church.

BTW, could anyone tell me just where Pope Francis said anything about abortion in that quote that was supposed to prove Pope Francis speaks against the evils of guns and abortion equally?


  1. Repealing the 2A would make it possible to make gun ownership as difficult and expensive as car ownership, including requiring expensive registration and insurance.

    AS usual he knows nothing as gun ownership IS harder than car ownership - the only thing is that it isn't quite expensive as cars.

    Of course cars being expensive leads to the poor needing to go into debt to purchase one - which I thought was a bad thing according to Shea & his buddy, Zippy. Apparently it would be better for the poor to go into further debt to afford protection.

    You’ll live, Gun Cult.

    Are you sure?

    If they get St. Oscar, can we get St. Carol Bowne - patron of those killed by good intentions?

    1. I don't think it's far fetched to believe that Mark is altogether worried about gun owners not being able to afford guns.

    2. I think you left a "not" out of your comment there? ;)

  2. Also:
    Dee Dee Edmondson, a member of Massachusetts' LGBT community who works with Wallace, agrees. "It's easier to come out as a lesbian in Massachusetts than as a gun owner," she told me.


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