Wednesday, March 14, 2018

John Oliver joins Hillary Clinton

And so many other entertainers and late night comedians, in helping demonstrate why Donald Trump won.  Courtesy of Mark Shea, who also does his part to remind us how much almost half of America is truly despised.

Of course, long and short, Donald Trump won because Hillary Clinton was one of the worst candidates in modern presidential history.  But the sneering contempt, hatred, and outright reviling of everything that almost half of their fellow Americans value is right up there as a reason why so many turned to Trump.

If given the choice between a candidate and her followers who look at you and say 'Boy do I think you're scum, I really hate you', and one who says 'You're wonderful and I'm going to make you proud of your country and all the things you value', who do you think people will vote for?

Oh sure, the argument is that Trump is full of it, doesn't really care, is lying, and hates average Americans as much as anyone else.  But then, if your argument is that Trump is lying and really has as much contempt for Americans as his opponent who is honest about it, that's not exactly a great campaign slogan either.

In other news, here is a nice little piece at The Federalist debunking one of many myths and falsehoods behind the gun control lobby. 

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