Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Hysterics and Scares in the Age of Identity over Humanity

Described here. As one who was accused of being a racist, a Nazi, a sexist and a bigot more than once in my brief tenure at Patheos, I can say I sympathize.  It's like the Red Scare, but under the table.  At least with the Red Scare, things were on the up and up.  We knew what it was about, who was behind it, what was and wasn't the target of the hysteria.

Today, it can be anything and anyone at any give moment.  Most post-moderns act like Lemmings on acid, rushing about haphazardly to the beat of whatever drum is being pounded at the moment.  This drum pounds, half run over here.  That drum pounds, half of those turn and run there.  The rest are left running around not sure where to go and who to hate at the moment.  I'm sure it is only going to get better, since the industries that should be calling it out are, in fact, encouraging the same.

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