Monday, March 5, 2018

Bishop Robert Barron gives Jordan Peterson a thumbs up

With qualifiers.  Fair enough.  Peterson takes a secularized approach to the biblical narratives, albeit in a way that is far from problematic. 

My biggest problem, other than a few tweaks due to Peterson's secular prism through which he interprets things, is that most of his talks are what old timers would call 'common sense.'  That's not the problem in itself.  What is the problem is that this common sense is what sets off hysteria and rage from the modern Left.  That's the side that dominates our education and popular and culture sees common sense as a threat.  Think on that.

Nonetheless, Bishop Barron gives Peterson kudos and goes so far as to recommend his bestselling book.  Given that the Church could use more Bishop Barrons, that's a good sign.

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