Friday, March 16, 2018

Student was suspended over not taking part in gun control protests

It is true.  Despite the headline, he was in fact suspended because he refused to take part in the anti-gun protests that were staged Wednesday.

Here's how it happened.  The local school down the street essentially sanctioned the protests, as did many across the nation.  Because it was unseemly for a school to force kids to miss class in order to advocate a particular political view (which the protests did), it gave students the option to not take part.  Those who chose not to take part were instructed to gather together and stay in the study hall.  Just like we were told schools couldn't have kids do if the school was mandating something like the Pledge of Allegiance.

Well, young Mr. Shoemaker said no.  He said to go to the study hall was its own protest against the protests, with several of the students who chose that option making it clear they were against the anti-gun protests.  Mr. Shoemaker said there was no reason politics should be in schools like this, as it clearly was.  So he stayed in a classroom and choose to do school work.

For that, he was suspended.  After all, schoolwork in a school?  The school district and media outlets have tried to spin it like the linked to headline.  But of course he was suspended for not taking part in the protests, either the way the school wanted, or the optional way the school mandated.

This is what happens when schools cease being places of learning and become places, like everywhere else in our nation, to advance a singular political agenda.

Let's be honest.  The 'walk out' was coordinated and aided by decidedly partisan forces in favor of varying levels of gun control.  Schools, which overwhelmingly swing Left, have become ever more brazen about using their facilities in order to advance the progressive views already taught and supported by various lessons, unions and departments.  This student called it for what it was, and was punished.  Yes, he was punished because he didn't take the option offered him by the school.  But that option was only presented because the school had chosen to endorse one particular view, and insist those who didn't follow along go to a predetermined location as if to set them apart.

Oh, and because this here at home happened as the student said, despite the headline's best efforts to suggest otherwise, it becomes easier to believe stories like this.  Have I mentioned we happily homeschool?

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