Monday, March 5, 2018

Remember when we believed the Oscars were about the best of Hollywood

Rather than about those who are most slavishly devoted to particular political agendas?  I mean, my boys already predicted what would win best picture and why.  They also said the ceremony would be about gun control and the women who knew all about Weinstein, but expediently kept quiet, trying to redeem themselves.  All while in a room heavily protected by armed guards. 

The usual conformity to liberal views would be promoted.  Nobody would care about which movies or performances were best.  What matters is our devotion to the political, to the identity, to the demographic quotas. And all of this from an industry that, as often as not, flaunts the fact that it doesn't seek to live up to the standards it would impose on everyone else.

Again, nobody even cares about the quality of this or that movie or performance.  Which is a shame, because some would argue that many deserved the awards they won. 

Yes, we know that through the ages there was often behind the scenes wrangling that led to a given award won or lost.  We all know the story of Citizen Kane.  We know it wasn't always which film or performance was best or not.  But today, it's hard to believe it is anything but fealty to identity politics and the demands of the people's political Left that drives most decisions.

Which is what the Left is doing: quickly gobbling up anything and everything and sucking the oxygen out of life in fealty to its demands for total obedience.  Just like all of the other Leftist states of the last century or so.

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