Friday, March 23, 2018

Joe Biden shows how popular Trump really is

Of course Joe Biden is every bit the genius that Sarah Palin or Dan Quayle were ever accused of being.

Here he shows that the Left doesn't really mind the things Trump does, it only hates it because Trump decided to run with an (R) in front of his name.

Bonus if you know that kids are often bullied in school because of their looks and weight more than almost any other reason.  Weight is especially a major cause of bullying.  So what does Biden do?  Speak of physical appearance and weight entirely in derogatory terms, right when he is speaking of beating up the president.

Again, Trump is the president that shows what we are, but just didn't want to admit.  He is what the Left loves.  The Left doesn't care about kids bullied or people hurt.  Those are convenient issues for advancing the cause.  And nothing shows this more than Joe Biden and the Left's ongoing silence where his perpetual foot in mouth campaigns inevitably end up going.

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