Monday, March 26, 2018

Jesuits bravely rush forward with white flags in hand

And the Catholic Left sounds increasingly Protestant as it declares the history of the Christian West to be some Babylonian captivity of the True Faith. The College of the Holy Cross is dropping the Knight imagery, including its mascot, from the school.  That's because Knight can only mean Crusaders, and Crusader means evil.  Muslims being the beautiful people of the beautiful religion who have done nothing but chant John Lennon songs every day. Yes, it's a Jesuit school.  Yes, it's liberal multi-culturalism.  Yes, it's complete surrender by accepting false history and a flawed understanding of the past.  Jonah Goldberg breaks down the stupidity and cowardice.


  1. *blink* What does it say when a secular Jew seems to be putting forth more defense for a Catholic tradition than actual Catholics?

    1. I know. I read that piece and have been working through it. It's almost embarrassing the speed with which the Church is all but destroying that old picture of an institution rooted in the ages, rather than running with the spirit of the age.

  2. Replies
    1. Some. There are many from other parts of the world scratching their heads wondering what is happening.


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