Monday, March 19, 2018

Louis Farrakhan, racism, and the Left's stunning silence

Yep.  Even if it's an editorial, at least someone is saying something.

Farrakhan is a man who liberal Democrats have wined and dined with over the years, even as he spewed Nuremberg level rhetoric at white people and at Jews for decades.  Where is the outcry?  Where is the outrage?  At best we have some liberals say he is wrong, or insist they denounced what he said here or there.  But imagine conservatives yucking it up with a white man who says such things, leaning on 'but we reject what he said here or there.'

Is there racism in America?  Sure.  Always has been.  Still is. Some of the newer brands are just the old racist attitudes applied to new skin colors.  But it's always been there, as it has in different ways and shapes around the world.

Do conservatives have racists in their ranks?  Of course.  And being conservative, their brand of racism will likely be the kind you could have experienced back in the day.  Likewise, the racism embraced by progressives will be new, fresh, and different.

The irony here is that racism is the Left's favorite weapon with which to beat down America and its heritage. Every day we're reminded of America's past or present racism, at least traditionally packaged.  After the Charlottesville clashes, we turned the Confederacy to America's Nazi, all Confederates became Himmler and we embarked on an iconoclasm not witnessed since the Taliban swept into power in Afghanistan.

But despite this hair trigger intolerance for the slightest notion of anything remotely close to racial insensitivity, we have Louis and his band of merry men in government while the press has, until recently, stood silently by.  When mentioned at all, most of the press's concern is aimed at his Antisemitism, not his anti-white racism.  After all, replacing the word "Black" with "White" has become all the rage for liberalism's new and improved racism.  So that he simply echoes that isn't going to raise concern.

But his overt hatred of, and condemnation of, Jews in a way that is no different than a neo-Nazi rally has become too much, and at least some outlets are beginning to tug their collars.  Just note, however, the difference.  Ask yourself why.  Why the different treatment?  What does it say about racism as America's unforgivable sin?  What does it say about the zero tolerance for racism we hear so much about?   There's much that is revealing in all this, even if now some are beginning to step forward and say enough.  Why did it take this long?  And compare it to, say, our Charlottesville response.

Sort of makes you wonder, don't it.

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