Monday, March 26, 2018

The face of the anti-gun youth movement

Is, apparently, one David Hogg.  I know nothing about him apart from this issue.  I saw him on a videotaped interview and, boy, he doesn't hold back.  His opinions are not for polite company.

Eh.  It's a serious issue, so I suppose why worry about the language itself.   But he does seem to possess a rather 'they suck, so we're here to save the world' attitude that the last few generations of youth have had.  And since the basic premise of this latest 'hail to the youth' movement is that the adults stink and screwed everything up, it makes you wonder.

The adults today were simply the last generation of youth who were praised and told to rise up and save the world.  In fact, we've been passing that torch to the youth generation for about 60 years now.  And if the adults have continually done such a bad job, and knowing that they are merely the latest generation of youth who were supposed to save the world, perhaps it's time to rethink the whole 'youth to save the world' strategy.

This is especially true if this young man, boldly and bravely declaring the real way to do democracy, seems to embody that new spin on asking others to give up their rights while insisting - and rather proudly as well, if I may add - that he's not about to give up even the smallest little sacrifice himself.  Even for this most important of all issues.


  1. They are rich with stability privilege.

    1. An interesting take. One thing that failed the Left this last election was spending years insisting Obama was saving us from the worst, most backward thinking and failing nation in the world, only to turn on a dime in 2016 and try to insist all was better than it had ever been. I think that is the tension - making things seem perpetually bad no matter how good things are.


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