Tuesday, March 13, 2018

How she became a racist and a sexist

If you ever just sit down and listen, or read, arguments from the modern Left, you'll notice that much of the debate actually hinges on insinuation, accusation and judgmentalism.  Outrage and being offended are characteristics as well.  There will certainly be some level of actual appeals to facts, or at least facts that are convenient - hardly unique to the Left.  But what is unique is the over-reliance on such things as rage and moral condemnation and name calling and calumny as a way to buttress the debate.  Or, to be honest, as a way to shut down and eliminate debate.

Therefore, when Donald Trump, a man who likely would have qualified as a sexist and racist by modern standards in most avenues, ran for president in 2016, the Left did what the Left has done for decades: Accused him of being a misogynist, a racist, a bigot, and even homophobic even though he has done scant little regarding the LGBT community other than, at times, support them.  Problem is, we had heard it all before.  A little 'boy who cried wolf' syndrome, as Jonah Goldberg noticed.

Which brings us to this video by a young, African American woman who has learned that terms like racist, sexist, antisemitic, bigot, this or that -phobe don't really mean anything.  They are just variations of the same term: Non-liberal.  So she found out that she runs in the company of racists and sexists, despite being a Black woman.

Such is that modern Left.  That journalists and scholars and artists take up arms and join in the same level of inquisitorial tactics reminds us just how dangerous McCarthy would have been if, instead of opposing him, those same institutions had jumped on board.  Imagine if, instead of television and movies and books and intellectuals and journalists using their craft to attack McCarthy, they would have circled the wagons around him and joined him in his attacks.  Think on that.

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