Friday, April 29, 2016

Whenever I listen to Donald Trump

I think of nothing so much as this:

So last night I watched Trump give some speech somewhere.  I missed where.  I don't care enough to find out.  It doesn't matter.  During his rambling, he was explaining the evil of Isis.  I assumed Isis since he mentioned beheading.  Then he went on to say that not since the Middle Ages has anyone beheaded?  Maybe?  To be honest, I wasn't sure what point he was trying to make since half the time he's as incoherent as you can get.  But I got the impression he was trying to say that this is so barbarous it hasn't happened since Medieval, I'll assume Europe.

Being a bit of a history type, that misrepresentation of Medieval Europe always gets my goat.  But that wasn't the worst of it.  My boys, without hesitating, yelled out 'The Guillotine!".  I added the Japanese practice of beheading prisoners in WWII. That was the first 20 seconds after he tried to make his point.  When it takes people sitting in their living rooms seconds to demonstrate a presidential candidate is factually wrong, it might be worth pausing a moment or two.

That he is a major contender for the president of the United States shows how deplorably lame we've become.  How stupid.  And of course it isn't just those Conservative types.  Many of Trump's supporters represent the more left leaning side of the GOP as well.  Plus, there is plenty of dumb on the Left, we just don't hear the media pound it when it originates in more liberal quarters.

This is what happens when promoting dumb is the main goal of a movement.  And much of the secular, post-Christian progressive movement relies on dumb.  Mandated dumb.  Enforced dumb.  Celebrated dumb.  Rewarded dumb.  And, of course, brutally punishing anyone who dares question dumb.  My biggest concern, FWIW, isn't that Trump could be president.  My biggest concern is that eventually someone will be president who makes Trump look sane and balanced by comparison.

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