Monday, April 18, 2016

Muslims to pay reparations to Eastern Orthodox for conquest of Constantinople

Really, read it here.  Oh, I'm sorry.  That's Georgetown being told to give it over to ancestors of slaves who were sold to keep Georgetown running back in the day when about 89% of the human race still engaged in slavery.  Not saying that makes it right.  Of course it was wrong.  Dead wrong.  Evil.  Just like the Islamic conquest of the Byzantine Empire.  Every time we hear 'Istanbul', shouldn't we demand something?  Hardly.  

The thought that any civilization that ever attempted or successfully overtook and conquered or enslaved Christians or Western Civilization would ever submit itself to such everlasting repentance is almost impossible to imagine.  That we will continue to do nothing but forever grovel and apologize for the sins of our ancestors, our ancestors alone, and only our ancestors while letting anyone and everyone off the hook is one of the many reasons why the Christian West will be the first civilization in history to die by suicide.  

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