Monday, April 18, 2016

George Clooney demonstrates the John Lennon principle of Liberalism

Nobody does it better than Mr. Clooney in this interview, in which he decries the "obscene" amount of money that he and his multi-millionaire colleagues raised for Hillary Clinton at a private, exclusive fundraiser.

That's Liberalism's Lennon principle in a nutshell.  Doesn't matter what you do.  It's that you have your mind right and speak the words, that's all that matters.  So you can be friends with African Americans, you can marry an African American, you can employee African Americans, you can devote your life to helping African Americans, but if you reject the liberal narrative, or don't support Affirmative Action, or embrace the policy proposals of the Left, you're a racist.  You merely demonstrated your views by what you do.  Instead, you should have based it on what you say.

So Mr. Clooney, fresh off of a round of multi-millionaire hand slapping, steps up to the cameras to denounce all this big money in politics.  In the olden days, that's what we used to call hypocrisy.  Nowadays, it's standard, modern ethics.

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