Thursday, April 28, 2016

An interesting article on stopping abortion in England

Just for fun.  It's NBC News, so the bias obviously will be for abortion.  And yet it does seem to give a fair amount of time to Mr. Cunningham.  This is part of the whole wave against abortion that has been rising for some time.  Especially among those all important youngsters.  For reasons not quite clear, younger people are ditching traditional religions, embracing  all that the sex and drugs culture has to offer, and yet digging their heals in when it comes to abortion.

That's why abortion didn't end up that great cultural wedge that could divide the religious goats from the awesome, hipster secular sheep.  In the end, I knew more than one hardcore, left leaning, secular, pro-gay sex and any sex, indulge in the orgies and embrace the narcissism individual who, at the same time, would turn on a dime and oppose abortion in all its incarnations.

And as Europe is aborting itself out of existence, and the multi-cultural mandate that has insisted it's all the fault of evil white Westerners seems to be developing some cracks in the walls, many are beginning to wonder about the unbridled abortion culture that the West has so passionately embraced.  Because of this, feminists and leftists who have loved abortion and all the power and narcissism that it has allowed are understandably frightened.

Nonetheless, the article at least gives a hearing.  I noticed the part where we're told there is no real connection between slave advocates (who argued they're not really owning real people) and abortion advocates (who argue they're not really aborting real people).  And yet we accept the idea that there is no such thing as gender and being born with same sex attraction is the same as being born Jewish or Black.  Despite, of course, a staggering lack of evidence for the belief that being gay is the same as being Black.  And if Wilberforce wasn't a social reformer, exactly how do we define social reformer?  But that's modernity for you.  Or at least, post-modernity.

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