Thursday, April 7, 2016

We just proved Man Made Global Warming

How?  Because the weather forecasts in and around my neck of the woods say that it will be unseasonably cold today and for the next couple days.  How does that prove Man Made Global Warming?  The same way anything else does: it's already true, so anything that happens must prove it.  A common standard, not only in climate science, but across the academic frontier.  We already know something is true, so naturally the evidence must prove it.  Why, if there is no evidence, it only proves it more

So the fact that it's colder than normal, but not record breaking either means nothing at all or proves Man Made Global Warming.  After almost 20 years of watching the explanations and defenses for MMGW, I feel pretty safe making that claim.  After all, I've been told that what happens outside my window both validates MMGW (in the 90s when our area was plastered by near record heat waves) and is irrelevant (in the 00s when we were plastered by near record freezes and winter storms).  Therefore, the weather forecast no doubt means nothing or proves everything, whichever happens to float your boat.

That is why you have to be an idiot not to believe in Man Made Global Warming.  When all the evidence is either irrelevant or proves everything, how can you possibly doubt?  It has to be true.  

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