Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Well done Garry Herbert

I don't know anything about Governor Herbert.  This is not an endorsement.  I am not saying that he is the first perfect man since God.  So dispense with any emails telling me that he cheated on a 2nd grade math test, or he didn't do enough against abortion, or that he secretly supports gay marriage, or worse, Capitalism.  I don't know any of that.

I just know in this case, he deserves a high five for wading into the holy of holies of the modern Left.  In an age where a growing number of Americans are convinced that First Amendment rights are overblown, and any State expecting boys to use the boy's bathroom should be punished, it's not surprising that Americans are dumb enough to miss a glaring hole in the media's daily 'we're all going to die' hysterics.

Usually, it's smoking, overeating, drinking, texting, guns, eating anything, driving cars, football, religion, eating everything, or any one of a thousand things that can kill us, which is why we need the government to step in, slap things around, take over and save us all. Yet in all of this 'it can kill us!' hysteria, the media is strangely silent about the entire Sex Culture that has been carefully crafted over the last several generations.  That's because sex is the number one carrot that the Left uses to convince people to end this silly liberty and freedom garbage.

In fact, the media guards the Sex Culture, and all of it trappings, rather jealously.  I remember almost 20 years ago.  I was serving in my first church as pastor.  One morning I had the Today Show on, with Katie Couric.  She was interviewing a fellow about this new Viagra pill that was all the rage due to certain unforeseen side effects.  The question was about the numbers saying they needed it.  After all, we all know the stories about how every now and then a fellow's get up might not be ready to go.  But this seemed crazy.

The individual she was interviewing had been on before about other topics.  Perhaps he was some go-to "science guy" that the media loves.  In any event, he explained several different points, including the saturation of sex and the porn culture of the day.   After all, if you get in a pool of cold water, your body freaks out because of the stimulation.  But if you stay in the water, your body gets used to it and ceases to be stimulated.  Same with sex.  If every day you look around and see sex, Sex, SEX!, then expect your body, your hormones, your nerves and everything else to get used to it.  So when presented with the real thing?  Not so much.

BAM!  That was the last time I ever saw the guy.  I can't remember Katie even responding. The idea that something problematic could result from our sex saturated society was not what the media wants to convey. In fact, when was the last time you saw the media have any special report on the negatives of our sex obsessed society?  When was the last time you saw anyone in our modern information venues draw a link with our sex culture and anything negative?

Heck, how often do they do it with things like AIDS or even Sex Trafficking (which is just a polite euphemism for slavery)?  I remember a few years back, Pope Benedict XVI came out on world AIDS day and said we need to do more for AIDS and its victims without focusing on the causes.  By my lights, that was like saying we need to focus on lung cancer without focusing on smoking. Which would be absurd.  Why in most media coverage, you'd be shocked to learn that many people who get lung cancer don't smoke. The focus is almost exclusively on smoking where lung cancer is concerned.

So with sex there is a concerted effort to separate the post-Christian sexual ethic from any possible negative side effects.  Basically as long as everyone wears a condom and everything is consensual, all is well with the world.  That's the story.

So for Governor Herbert to promote a law that will not ban pornography, but will link it to a host of ailments, evils and harm that results from a life of sexual debauchery and decadence, is quite the step forward.  It's certainly stepping out and being honest, which many even in the Church and religious worlds are reluctant to do.  So expect this to be ignored, or expect to learn anything and everything about the entire life of Governor Herbert over the coming weeks, as experts are trotted out to laugh away this silly notion that the post-Christian sexual ethic isn't the most awesomest thing in the world, that everyone is happy, that the negatives are the result of not enough condoms, and that if we just keep opening more doors to unlimited sex, we will only see a happier world to come.

My fear is how many in the religious world will chime in and join any potential crusade against him. We'll see.

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