Friday, April 22, 2016

A day with Jungle Jack

One of the great parts of homeschool is that you get to take things you normally do for enjoyment, and log them as educational time (as long as they, you know, are educational).  So I took the boys to the Columbus Zoo Monday.  That's one of the reasons I've been scarce this week.  Monday's are my 'administrative' time.  During that time of grading, planning, and fitting in household needs and upkeep, I usually squeeze in many of the posts for the week.  I'll save them, and then on each day I'll pull up a couple, do a quick read-through and check for any updates on the topic, and submit.  

Sometimes a major story will pull me over to comment in the middle of the week.  But usually, that's my approach.  With the weather breaking, and the chance for more field trips, we'll probably be spending our Mondays out and about.  The three older boys all work, but have Monday off.  So if things are a bit sparse in the coming weeks, that's why.

Nonetheless, a fun time.  We're blessed with the energies and industry of Jack Hanna.  As I've said before, when I was a kid the Columbus Zoo was a few steps up on those traveling zoos that used to set up in mall parking lots.  After years of hard work, public relations, enduring the abuses of David Letterman, and being an ambassador for animals and the environment without necessarily trashing humans in the process, he has built the Columbus Zoo into one of the premier research institutions on the planet.

Recent years have seen the Zoo picking up with the entertainment side of things, with new attractions being added on an almost yearly basis.  Most recently was the African Safari section.  It's not up yet only because it's early in the season.  Several things were still closed.  But we get yearly passes (knowing we'll at least go to the Christmas Zoo Lights).  So it doesn't bother me to go, see a few sites, do a couple other things, and call it a day.  

The boys

The Flamingos.  Watch out, they bite. 

An awesome fish in an awesome aquarium

Watching the Manatees

Gorilla eats lettuce in sunlight

Gorilla is about ready to run and smack the glass

Making a new friend

On a warm day, it's amazing how interesting a goose is

Interesting enough to get my youngest to imitate him

Part of the Safari, but again, still not fully open for the season

Boys in the model of a termite mound

The other two join the fun

Polar bears are best in their icy environs when it's a blistering summer day

Our sixteen year old is wonderful at playing down at our youngest's level

At the end of the day - actually tired out

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