Monday, April 11, 2016

Bill Clinton gets schooled in the Leftist curriculum

As I noticed way back when, the Left has a way of eating its own.  You can imagine there is a way to compromise your values, principles, beliefs, priorities and all you hold dear, and somehow the Left will drop its agendas and meet you half way.  You'd be foolish, but you can imagine it.  That's because the Left has a funny way of moving into new areas and, no matter how loyal you've been to the progressive ideals or the Leftist doctrines, if you aren't 100% on board today, then you are 100% the problem.

Take Bill Clinton.  It looks like, in the way of the modern anti-racist witch hunts, some good folks over at the Black Lives Matter movement went back, found some old statements made by Hillary that no longer cut it based on the here and now, and let fly.  Of course there has always been a bit of love/hate with the Clintons on the part of the Black Community.  During the 90s, knowing that 90% of the African American voting block will vote Democrats no matter what, Bill was willing to throw their concerns under the bus in order to achieve certain economic goals to sustain his poll numbers.

Still, the Left has tried to maintain Clinton as some mythical era of Utopia in order to juxtapose it to the problems of today that are then placed firmly at the foot of the Bush/Cheney administration.  But, again, the Left has little in the way of loyalty to yesterday.  Especially the emergent Left, filled with young people who have been told from birth that they are in one of the worst, most evil and wicked nations in the history of the planet.  It's nothing for them to look back at yesterday and before and see nothing but wrong and racism, no matter how liberal or progressive the individuals of yore believed they were.

Bill, being Bill, took immediate offense at anything less than worship from the party faithful, and lashed out.  Not realizing the fundamental fact of liberalism: You can't get hung up on yesterday's truth.  As a result, there was a media firestorm that almost overtook the obsession with Trump.  And since Pope Francis didn't do him the good turn of sanctioning gay marriage, the press had time to turn the cross-hairs on Clinton and fire.  Some of that is good old revenge for the whipping the media's reputation took in the 90s for looking like idiots as the defended Clinton at all costs.  Some of it is the evil of yesterday that is the focus of the emergent Left, especially among the youngsters.

Then again, part of it could be realizing that Clinton might be old news.  His brand of compromise and even his style of old time liberalism might no longer be wanted, or needed.  Just like old Boxer, it might just be that his worth is no longer there, and so as the firing squad gathers and demands apologies and obeisance, it could be that Clinton will wake up and realize that while he imagined he and Hillary were following the liberalism of Snowball, it was the Left of Napoleon all along.

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