Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Pat Archbold was fired by National Catholic Register

That's fine.  That's their prerogative.  I had a reader send me a link to an article by Archbold.  Clearly not overly impressed with the new 'Church is broke, we finally need to fix it and then the world will think we're swell' approach to outreach.  I did some checking, and over at the always reliable The American Catholic, it looks like it happened a year ago.  That's how in the loop I am.

Again, I don't have a beef with NCR, or Patrick Archbold.  I don't know him personally and don't know enough of his writings to have an opinion.  I know that publishers can fire people for a host of creative reasons, including not being in line with the gist of the publication.  Fair enough.

I mention it because I need to contrast the lack of news about this that allowed me to miss the story for over a freaking year.  That, as opposed to the story of Tony Spence being fired for his apparent support for the LGBTQ movement and all of the eradication of traditional rights that go along with it. How could that be?  How could NPR and the rest of the news agencies, many of which I have found running the Spence story, cover the Archbold story and me miss it?

Could it be they didn't cover it?  Could it be that they are, for some inexplicable reason, covering Spence's story more?  Uh huh.  That's exactly the point.  Dog bites man!  Not news.  Man bites dog!  News.  And since most in the national media are completely immersed in the progressive gospel, they see it as some freakish, horrible affront to normality that a Catholic representing the Catholic Faith would be canned for his support for the LGBT movement.  But a conservative being canned for being conservative?  A dog biting a man?  Nothing unusual there.  In fact, quite healthy.

Not all propaganda is the result of nefarious plots and back room dealings.  Some of it is simply the blind spots we have due to our own biases and ideologies.  We all have them.  Sometimes they prevent us from being aware.  I'm convinced that while the media often promotes agendas by suppressing stories and twisting facts and headlines, some of it is nothing other than good old human biases and perspectives.  The same kind that help the latest science always seem to confirm what the latest fad happens to desire.

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