Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Mississippi celebrates hate and discrimination

Or the headlines might as well have said so.  Instead, note ABC's choice of headline: "Mississippi Gov. Signs Law Allowing Service Denial to Gays."  Of course it could have read something along the lines of "Mississippi Gov. Signs Law Allowing Freedom of Religious Exercise for Traditional Faiths." In the end, there is no such thing as neutral values.  Neutral morality.  Neutral ethics.  In the end, just like I said about Islam, it's like the Superbowl.  No matter how friendly or open or tolerant or whatever two people who see things differently happen to be, at some point someone is going to win.  And someone is going to lose.

For the longest time Christians, ashamed of the successes and victories of our ancestors, sometimes justifiably so because of this atrocity or that foible, have retreated from any conflict or disagreements.  So long have we bludgeoned ourselves over the sins of the past, and allowed others to do the same, that I think we really believed we alone were the only reason there ever has been conflict or conquest in history.

So naturally, if we could just sit down and smoke the peace pipe with whoever seemed opposed to our beliefs and values, we could come to a compromise since, after all, our ancestors were the only people in the world who didn't want to come together and give peace a chance,.

Blessed are the peacemakers.  Jesus may have called for peacemaking, but he also came to bring a sword, to drive money changers out of the Temple, and to cast away Satan from his tempting ways in the wilderness.  Peacemaking does not mean surrender.  Nor does it mean being stupid.  By now, Christians of any level of common sense should realize that the American pseudo-Marxist Left has absolutely no desire to live and let live.

The desire is the same as it has been for most of the enlightenment and post-enlightenment revolutions.  In our case, the Left's desire is to re-imagine the Bill of Rights as only applicable for those who conform to the dogmas and doctrines of the Left.  If it's too late to stop it, I don't know.  But if Christians continue to assume the only thing standing in the way of harmony and peace is our refusal to compromise, then I'm pretty sure the ship of religious freedom has long since sailed.

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