Wednesday, April 13, 2016

An answer for William Ligon

Senator Ligon asks, over at the Wall Street Journal, why so many American companies are aligning themselves against religious liberty and basic First Amendment freedoms.

It's pretty easy to figure out, if we want to be honest.  First, most American companies are headed by decidedly left leaning corporate leaders.  And nobody loves ending freedoms above the waistline more than the modern Left. 

Second, most in our society support sex deviations out of convenience, since a growing number of Americans prefer a hedonistic society over a religious one.  This is something corporate America prefers as well, since hedonistic Americans make better consumers than ones dedicated to a religion of poverty and moderation.  

Which leads to third reason, in which we concede that most Americans are not religious, or if they are religious, they place their religion somewhere in the bottom half of the top ten list of priorities, if there.  

Fourth, Americans have been indoctrinated against traditional Christian values for almost half a century.  Younger Americans (who many of these companies cater to), have been raised to believe that the Western Tradition and its Christian heritage are the true evils of history, and all who challenge these value systems and Christian morality are by default the good guys.  See the comment by reader 'Tom Bradshaw' for an example of the hatred and contempt for any who desire the right to believe in traditional religious morality. 

Finally, Corporate America is about the bottom line, and if the bottom line is buttressed by a majority of people who want to end other people's freedoms, then that is who they will cater to.  Since the willingness to fight has long left the majority of Christians, and those who still desire to resist are increasingly piled on by fellow believers both to the left of center, as well as those who would try to appear as the voices of reason, there just isn't a sound, financial reason based on demographics to do other than throw their corporate logos decidedly on the side of oppression and retribution for failing to be liberal.  After all, most of these companies also have plenty of revenue outside of the US, so if there was to be a 'what comes around, goes around' backlash down the road, they wouldn't be the ones to pay the price anyway.  They would just move physically to be where their bank accounts and tax shelters have been all along. 


  1. It is far easier than anything you suggest - AMerica has embraced the golden calf as god, instead of God himself. Money has replaced humanity as what America values, especially in the world of business and the Wall Street Journal has lead that charge.

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  3. I'm not sure most American companies are run by left leaning owners but more by shareholders that want a bigger return on their investment every year. The same shareholders are also the same ones keep the wages low. The almighty dollar has replaced God almighty.

  4. I suspect a significant leader of the corporation is a sexual deviant. This person is respected for his/her business acumen so personal morals were deemed irrelevant, especially after William Clinton's sordid affairs became known. This person has moved the culture from turning a blind eye to protecting the deviant behavior. This is the way I believe evil overtakes any society.
    The shareholders feel powerless in the operation of most corporations.

  5. Yes, an argument could be made for replacing God with Mammon regarding who we trust. And it's from all sides. I don't think it's only a Red State/Blue State problem. I do see that the majority of superstar CEOs seem rather enamored with decidedly left leaning ideals and narratives, even to the point of enforcing those views by way of their products or services.

    And we live in an age where truth and morals became old news by sheer convenience. I know the old meme was 'When Bush lied, people died." This is true. But it was Clinton and his supporters who got America to say that lying and character and values were no longer a big deal in the first place. In the end, we've become a nation that cares about ourselves and the here and now, and we have corporate leaders who pander to that preference. Most Americans probably figure by accepting whatever regarding gender, it gives them a blank check to indulge in whatever they want. And if that's what most Americans want, then the corporations are more than happy to comply.

  6. It may be more subtle than your premise. Companies have long pursued two attributes in their pursuit of profit: impulse buying, and lust for stuff - the "Good Life." Lack of impulse control and quick gratification of those impulses drive our economy and our new, Christ-less culture. Whether the product is sex, a new car, or a new body, corporate America can not permit discipline and stewardship. This is why corporate America partners with totalitarian regimes: once in, to break down discipline and nurture lust in order to gain new consumers. And, in America, consumer = indebted slave.

  7. That's true Anon. I remember reading in a business magazine back when I was working for a Publishing company. It was one they sent to us each week and recommended we read when we had down time. There was an article that literally said what you are saying, but in a positive way. That is, it was suggesting people invest in companies trying to break into India, since we were doing a smash up job exporting the whole teen rebellion, sex and drugs culture that helped put a wedge between kids and parents who know better. It even said companies had tried it in China, but with less success. But, at least then, c. 2006, the prospects were better that India would be more receptive to the hedonism and narcissism that makes doing business so much easier.


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