Tuesday, April 5, 2016

If you remember the victims of Lahore

You're one step ahead of the media.  I saw a segment yesterday bringing us up to date with the Brussels massacre.  Prayers for those victims as well.  But it's a testimony to the soft racism and subtle imperialism of the modern Left that more than two times that number killed, and specifically because of their Christian Faith, and on Easter no less, has barely rated two pages behind the grocery ads in most media outlets.

Why?  I can't say for sure.  I have my guesses.  I think the Left is no different than most of the Enlightenment revolutions.  High on promises, high on a desire to set up shop and oppress and dominate the little people. Low on delivery. While racism and bigotry in the classic sense can still be found among those to the left of center (just ask Herman Cain, Clarence Thomas, Condoleezza Rice, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Joe Lieberman, and Jewish Bankers on Wall Street for examples), there is a new form of bigotry and racism among the Left in keeping with its ability to remold the past in old ways that only appear new. 

You find that in certain things like this, a clear willingness to invest focus on events that impact, well, people who look and act and think like us.  As opposed to those who don't.  A similar trend can be seen in gun control debates.  Ever notice that America is almost always put up against countries that are mostly white, mostly Western, and mostly liberal?  It could be argued that America and its colonial past puts us closer in some ways to Mexico or other Latin American countries than it does a homogeneous nation like Sweden.  I know, those countries are killing fields and would destroy the argument.  But you can't help but notice that there is almost this unstated assumption that violence and killing, in those countries, is just the way it is. For some strange reason. Not like European, white, liberal countries. 

Or the way in which liberals in America and Europe have no problem going into other cultures, other societies, other nations and demanding those societies change their values and their beliefs and their customs to fit the sensitivities of the American and European Left.  How is that different than the old Colonialists going into other parts of the world and demanding that the natives adopt Western dress, or worse, convert to Christianity? 

You see, the point of the Left is that it was never liberal.  It was never about liberalism.  Like the radical revolutionaries of France, or the horror revolutions of the Nazis or the Communists, it was always about a New World Order that seeks to dominate and oppress, where the elite, who alone should rule, will lord it over the little people who are unworthy.  And in a bizarre twist, many of those people are unworthy for no other reason than they simply don't fit with the cultural or ethnic priorities of the same left that has so long attacked the traditional West for its belief in its own cultural and ethnic priorities.  

I don't know.  I could be wrong.  But I have a gut feeling I'm not too far off the mark.  In any event, as the media is clearly the slavish propaganda organ for this revolutionary World Order, it can't be trusted to tell us what is true, much less what is important.  So we should stand with the victims of Brussels, and the more than twice that number at Lahore, who died at the hands of radical Muslims.  We should demand outcry from the Islamic world in proportion to the demands the Muslim world puts on the West in terms of tolerance and rejection of anti-Islamic bigotry.  And we should pray that we never fall into the age old trap of seeing humans as mere chattel, convenient only when they or their circumstances benefit our far superior agendas and ideals.  It isn't easy to do.  You could argue I've done the same.  But I'm trying.  I'm trying real hard to resist the age old trend. 

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