Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A genuine pro life story

This is a good reason to be pro-life.  Not because some day the life you save might save your life.  But because, in the end, most of us don't have a perfect grasp on the future, and therefore can't be sure if we're taking the life of a future Hitler, or a future researcher who will cure cancer.  And not knowing, we default to the side of life.


  1. Well that and it is a bit easier to stop 1 hitler later on than to create 1 cancer curer from scratch.

    But it's a nice story about a guy who got to pay his doctor back. I like to think Heaven will be a time we get to look back at everything and see it all like this, countless moments that formed their own little fun, heartwarming stories.

    Hell will probably be the same, only focused on horror tales.

  2. Even if it is a "Hitler-to-be," wouldn't make murder okay. Pre-crime punishment is a right messy can of worms, but if we don't cotton to consequentalism it's not an issue anyway.

  3. Everyone cottens a little to consequentalism, otherwise you end up with the moral equivalency William F. Buckley warned about or Star Trek's Prime Directive.


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