Saturday, April 2, 2016

Nothing new under the sun

One of the biggest boons to the Man Made Global Warming movement is the media.  Like all things progressive, the media is at its back, blowing BS into the sails and propelling it along, well beyond what most would accept if common sense, rather than media narratives, played a part.

It's not just the American media either.  Nor is it only the media.  And part of it is due to the facts involved.  The climate is changing.  Of course it is.  It always does.  It always has.  Every time I look out my windows and don't see glaciers or wooly mammoths, I'm reminded that the climate changes. So just that simple fact gives credibility to the hysteria.

In addition, I freely admit that our approach to industrialization was not the most balanced, and I have no doubt that some of the results have been harmful to the environment in ways most of us could never imagine.

Nonetheless, the hysteria being generated, the billions of dollars in research, the calls to end liberties and freedoms and demand fealty to particular political establishments, should be something most thinking people resist out of sheer sensible thinking.  That's not counting the growing calls to reduce the surplus population of humanity in order to save the world.  That can only end up in a good way!  Just look at the last century for evidence.

No, you'd think most people would accept the facts of changing climate without falling into the hysteria.  Yet, the constant drumbeat of propaganda will eventually erode the resistance. And one way, a subtle way, the media has of pounding that drum is to make anything and everything into the worst catastrophe in history!  Every blizzard is the blizzard of the century!   Every storm the worst storm in memory!  Every natural disaster the most destructive on record! Or almost.  Ever notice how often they say those things, but are obliged to point out that it was almost a record, almost the most destructive, almost the worst storm, worst heat wave, worst cold snap.

Of course hearing it over and over again, you can begin to miss those nuances as the daily dose of unprecedented catastrophe is played out in various news agencies.  So it might be good to take a deep breath, and remember what Michael Flynn points out here, that despite the media hysterics, most of what we see has happened before, often times far worse than we see it today.  Despite attempts to paint things as the brink of destruction, as often as not the worst storms, the worst disasters, the worst heatwaves, the worst blizzards happened quite a long time ago.

I know.  Then that would make advancing the narrative that much harder.  And perhaps it would allow people to be complacent where some adjustments or alterations to industrialization might be in order.  But given the path that the hysterics is on, leading us to a point where reducing human numbers will be mandated rather than suggested, I'm willing to err on the side of reality rather than fall into the pit of hysterics.

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