Friday, April 15, 2016

Attention Bono

Not that we shouldn't take our cues from rock stars, even self-described important ones like Bono, but there comes a time.  Bono recently made the circuits by suggesting that a way to combat the terrors of ISIS is through comedy.  Yep.  Use comedy, that should do it.  Make them laugh.  There seems to be a lot of htat in recent years.  Laugh at Satan.  Laugh at evil.  Laugh at ISIS.  That will make it what?  Go away?  Ahem.  Allow me to demonstrate a problem with this thinking.  It turns out this isn't something new.  Using humor against evil is quite old.  But typically it's done for the morale at home, not with any illusions that it will make the evil go away.  Thus this:

Did not stop this:

Not that humor is bad or without value.  But let's keep it real.  The post-modern tendency to call it like it ain't is one of the more disturbing trends in an era of disturbing trends.  So while comedy has it's place Mr. Bono, don't ever imagine it will do anything other than make those laugh who perhaps should be spending more time working on actually solving the problems at hand.

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