Thursday, April 21, 2016

When doves cry

By now most have heard that Prince died today.  The reasons still aren't clear.  It sounds, as of now, like it could have been the flu.  In any event, to see a person cut down so early in life when there were still so many years left is a shame.

Personally, I was never a big Prince fan.  I felt about him what I felt about U2.  Nonetheless, his music was more popular and more played than U2 back in the day, at least in my area, and as a result, several of his songs make up the soundtrack to that all important period of my life between 1983 and 1986, when I really grew up, grew out of my shell, and started down the path that would keep winding its way over the next few decades.

Especially evocative is his song "When Doves Cry."  There are many reasons that still strikes a chord, though I won't get into them.  Probably nothing unique that anyone else can't relate to. So I was shocked, then saddened, to hear someone pass who was so young, and who had, even unwittingly, added a few bars to the overall chorus that backs up my life's story, at least in the hearing of my mind's reflections.

May God bless and keep him and those who loved him, and may the peace of Christ cover their hearts and minds.  RIP.

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