Saturday, April 23, 2016

I will have no way of knowing if God is Not Dead 2 is any good

Unless I go see it.  Like Hearst ordering his media empire to trash Citizen Kane, bet your bottom dollar that most in the national media will trash it because it shines a light on that brand of modern censorship the Left would rather ignore.

Not that the movie is therefore wonderful.   It might stink.  It might be awful.  The writing, the acting, the directing all might be deplorable.  I won't know until I see it.  For my money, the ongoing drumbeat of our nationally mandated morality has been effective enough that I would be skeptical about a movie like this more than I would about a movie that promotes, say, racial harmony.  I will be more likely to be critical and seek out areas of weakness in story or realism.

Nonetheless, we are as divided as ever, and that will make objective reviews about as common as a Big Foot sighting.  For one take, you can check out this link here, dealing more with the backlash than anything.  Which goes far in explaining the difficulty in finding objective reviews (if such things have ever existed).

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