Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Promoting our modern Big Brother

Thinly disguised as offended PC sensitivity warriors.  John C. Wright does the take down here.  Yep.  I've said already that much of the modern Left is about convincing us that 2+2=4 is hate speech, must be punished, and those who insist on resisting the new math are the baddies.

Why?  Because if you want to follow the basic trend of most Enlightenment and post-Enlightenment era revolutions by setting up a Despotic government where liberty and Utopia were promised, and furthermore want to do so in a nation that was the capstone of 2500 years of a long, agonizing march toward freedom and liberty, you have to make the population stupid enough to declare that 2+2=4 is the most evil, hateful thing imaginable and it's good that we finally have laws that will punish those who insist on saying 2+2=4.

Much of what Mr. Wright says is, of course, spot on.  The idea that PC Warriors demand courtesy when they provide none, they demand respect when the provide the polar opposite to the traditions and beliefs they hate, and demand tolerance for their eradication of tolerance and diverse opinions, should be the neon warning signs for a generation.

It's a testimony to our education systems, our entertainment industry and our media that so many Americans are ready to rewrite the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, and even the entire notion of a Bill of Rights because we've been told it could be hateful to say men can't have babies.  It takes one stupid nation for that to happen.  Or it takes a nation that is the product of the last 50 years of concerted effort on the part of those same educational, entertainment and media industries to be that stupid.


  1. Completely agree. And that's why I homeschool. I feel bad for people who complain about the trash their kids are learning and then turn around and say they could never homeschool. More than once I've said their kids would be better off learning nothing than what they're being indoctrinated with in school. No one has ever disagreed.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Yep, I have no problem with people who put their kids in the public school. Especially if that bilge they promote in the schools is what they want their kids to learn. But for folks who keep pounding the desk with their shoes about how horrible the schools are, it's worth noting that there are options. Not easy ones. But most of the time, they're worth it.


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