Monday, April 18, 2016

The Left was never about rights

The way every woman should look?
Not civil rights.  Not women's rights.  Not equal rights.  It's about a new world order that seeks to conquer and oppress, to eradicate all challengers and mandate conformity and obedience.  Yes, it has piggy-backed on various liberal movements and ideals.  To that end, it was more than happy to latch onto women's rights here, or black rights there, or over there LGBTQ rights.  With that last one, it has found what it's been looking for all along: The ultimate weapon with which to bludgeon all resistance.

Think of it.  Just last year, the Supreme Court headed by conservative John Roberts made mandating gay marriage the law of the land.  Now, just a year later, we have America's aristocracy, its wealthy and elites, its multi-billion dollar industries, all swooping in to punish an entire state that felt compelled to legally spell out the need for men to use men's bathrooms.  Just the fact that such a law was necessary should be the splash of cold water that wakes us up from our tripped out stupor.  But no.  It's that the entire state is being punished for actually proposing such a law.

Ah, but what about those other groups?  Catholic News Agency has an interesting take on this, from a feminist point of view.  It's not the first time that competing "minority" voices have clashed under the liberal tent.  After all, the Left has thrived by taking in any number of oppressed minorities and promising to protect them from the evil forces of oppression and hate and bigotry.  But sometimes, those various groups aren't always on the same page.

So when Gay Rights thrived some years back under the pop narrative that there 'must be some gene that makes you gay', it didn't take clever wags long to suggest that parents who find out their unborn baby has such a gene might be able to abort the baby if they don't want a gay kid.  I remember a round table on CNN years ago, shortly after I became Catholic.  All hell broke loose, since Gay Rights activists screamed foul, only to be chastised by feminists who said how dare they suggest a woman can't be in control of her own body.

So this time, CNA looks at the whole Trans Rights phenomenon that is turning reality upside down, but from the vantage point of an upset feminist.  Turns out, some women, those who might actually care about women's rights and not just use them to advance the greater cause, don't like the fact that so many Trans, most notably the individual formally known as Bruce, don't really 'become women'. Instead, they become caricatures of all the gender stereotypes that feminism has tried so desperately to overcome.

But while just a few years ago, such stereotypes would be criticized and those who advanced them ostracized, now they are becoming the standard identities that must be celebrated and accommodated.  Including accommodated by women.

Why? Because just like liberals who told Sarah Palin that she should stay home and take care of the kids, or radicals in the Occupy Wall Street movement who were more than happy to blame those Jews on Wall Street, it's important to remember that for much of the Left, women's concerns, Jewish concerns, American Indian concerns, Black concerns, and in all likelihood LGBTQ concerns are most likely of secondary importance.  They are convenient in that they help tear away the fabric of the Christian heritage of the Dying West.  They are useful as tools for attacking and dismantling the society the Left wishes to overtake.

When those groups are no longer convenient, or their concerns no longer beneficial, or their needs at conflict with the newest oppressed group that will help push things to the next level, then it's off to the corner with the rest of the old shoes.  Or off to the knacker for a round of whisky to celebrate another victory over freedom and common sense.

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