Friday, April 22, 2016

I was right

It doesn't happen much, but I have my moments.  Please see this article.  Get a nation of Christians to accept the Common Era, and you can get a nation to believe it's a  punishable offense to expect boys to use the boy's bathroom.

Notice we don't even haggle over ulterior motives with the whole transgender thing.  There is no major discussion. There are no years of debate.  I've seen no experts on news shows unpacking the reason to accept transgender as normative.  We don't have school books about 'Steve being a girl.'  There aren't endless movies promoting Transgender people and showing them as a superior breed of human versus the evil Inquisitors of intolerance and bigotry.  There doesn't have to be.  No real concerted effort is needed.  We started the path of accepting round squares years ago.  And Christians were at the head of the parade.

Piggy-backing on the gay marriage victory, now it's whatever and that's good enough. Whatever the post-Christian Left wants to mandate it will mandate.  You won't even need to convince anyone of anything. Just like now.  Nobody bothers to ask if, just maybe, some of those parents who insist their three year old boy is really a girl are just pissed that they didn't have a girl.  Nobody is questioning if gender is really more than just genitals, or maybe just a way someone gets off sexually.  Nobody is analyzing the possibility of abuse of others, including children.  Again, nobody is ding these things because there is no need for a discussion or a debate.  If these issues are brought up at all, they're acknowledged in some academic manner and then move on.

When you convince Christians that it is wrong to name the year after the birth of Jesus because it might offend, and convince them to accept the unspeak version of non-defined 'Common Era', then expect that legal punishment over boys in the boy's bathroom will follow.  I didn't think it wouldn't happen.  In fact, I pretty much knew it would.  I'll admit I'm just shocked at the speed with which it did happen.


  1. "We started the path of accepting round squares years ago."
    Yes, If we can accept that a person in his or her first stage of life ought to be lawfully refer to as a “non-person”, we’ll accept any incoherency about the human condition.
    More logical and illogical things about restrooms here:

  2. That is true. I think it started when such ridiculous notions began to be entertained, and then gained steam as even Christian leaders began trying to accommodate the ideas, no matter how ludicrous they were.


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