Sunday, April 24, 2016

On the stupidity of the anti-gender movement

Two Catholic Men and a Blog takes apart the head smacking idiocy that is now the rage of our society.  Again, get a nation to think that it's good when billion dollar corporations pull out of a state and cost thousands of jobs in order to punish the idea that boys should use the boy's bathroom, and you can get that society to accept any stupid thing.

That's what happens when you throw away Truth for whatever makes me awesome and gives me what I want at the moment.  Right now, there is no need for anti-gender advocates to explain themselves.  Note that.  Pay real close attention to that fact.  There has been no concerted effort to convince us that gender is just an abstract concept by which we measure our pain. There is no real discussion by anti-gender advocates explaining why boys will be girls, and girls will be boys, and that's that.  In fact, I think in the last five years, I've only seen about a half dozen news reports unpacking just what Transgender is all about and how and why and when it happens.

And for what it's worth, that was when I knew we were in trouble.  One of the reports was on CNN, and it featured parents telling me that they knew their infant was really the opposite gender because, among other reasons, of the color of the blanket the child preferred.  Since I was told growing up that such things were merely the result of evil sexist, patriarchal gender stereotypes, I was shocked to see "experts" coming to the camera to insist now that such things could only mean a boy really should have been born a girl.

And we believe it.  No, we don't believe it.  We're past the point of needing to believe anything.  The Left needs to put forth no effort to convince us of anything.  At this point if the Left wanted to pass a law next year that all churches need to be burned down for adult movie theaters, I swear 66% of the population would support it.  We're that dumb.  And the resistance that impotent.

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