Friday, April 15, 2016


In a sort of nuts and bolts story, it looks like the Catholic News Service editor has resigned because of pressure from conservative outlets.  OK.  Tony Spence appears to blame the conservative websites and uses the usual 'far right' rhetoric to describe his critics.  A first warning flag.

Then, the accusations appear to be correct.  Apparently he has tweeted opposition to the Religious Freedom bills in support of the LGBTQ community.  So the accusations, at least based on the example given, are correct.  And I have a funny way of not being outraged at people who simply tell the truth.

Hey, if you want to embrace the radical Left, then do so.  But don't embrace the Left's modern approach to PC censorship  that cries foul when someone points out a truth.  If you support the LGBTQ community, then say so.  Admit it.  Cheer it on.  Proclaim it from the rooftop.  Defend your position. Fight!  Win!

Don't act like the bad guys are the guys who are calling for you to resign because you support forces that are not only diametrically opposed to the Faith, but are clearly out to attack and oppress the Faith.  Explain that you are, why you are, then fight to stay in.

For my part, I'm curious as to why it took a bunch of blogs pointing out where he stood to get the Bishops to 'pressure' Spence to resign.  I mean, don't the Bishops pay attention to what he is writing?  What he is publishing?  Is it just possible that if he does have certain stances, that they would find their way out in various publications?  That was the part that struck me.

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