Friday, April 1, 2016

If you are a Calvin and Hobbes fan

And if you're not, by goodness you ought to be, then this story might be of interest.  Turns out before Bill Watterson amazed us with a ten year run of one of the most engaging, entertaining and insightful cartoon strips ever produced, he worked as an editorial cartoonist for a nearby Ohio newspaper.  Now he has given his stamp of approval to a new project on the history of cartoon strips.

Some day I should work up the courage to drive up there and see if I can track him down.  The notoriously secretive cartoonist is no doubt able to live off of the money he made during his incredibly successful run, and I'm sort of glad he stopped when he did.  It's nice to go out when your ideas are still fresh.

Still, I miss seeing that little kid and his tiger.  But that was of its time.  Before there was Bart Simpson, there was Calvin.  And in its day, what a shock he was!  But in today's environment, he comes off almost as Pollyanna.  Something Watterson himself noticed in his 10 Year Anniversary book.  Plus, Watterson's brand of subtle and nuanced commentary would be lost in our age of bludgeoning and PC censorship.


  1. There was also the time he briefly returned for a gag in another strip.

    The man was a true artist in every sense of the word, and in that he had great integrity (of the artistic kind). I don't know how he lived his life... and in some ways I wonder if that's for the best. As one commentator put it, we know nothing of Shakespeare was either - and would his works have lasted as long if we did? Likewise maybe Calvin and his pal will long endure the ages because it is about them and not about him.

  2. Good point. Today, being known for anything can be damaging to your reputation. Being like Watterson might just be the best thing a person can do to keep your reputation alive.


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