Thursday, April 7, 2016

The death of liberalism

Is mused on by John C. Wright over at his blog.  The cause of it seems to be a conversation between his wife and a member of the sci-fi community.  I'll admit, I'm no sci-fi or fantasy fan (my love of Tolkien makes some people assume otherwise), so I don't know the personalities involved.  But the discourse seemed to follow the modern leftist McCarthyism that anyone who has challenged liberal values in recent years has experienced.

I just was happy to see someone with infinitely more credibility than me notice what I've noticed for years; That liberalism long since died away, and that thing that is out there now, impeding liberty, destroying freedom, promoting death, slaughter, rape, oppression, tyranny, racism, sexism, and anti-Christian bigotry has nothing to do with the liberalism of old.  This is not Juror Number 8 liberalism.  This is not the old desire to learn and be challenged and seek justice and overcome the sins that are present in any age and in any culture.

No.  This is a new movement.  A revolution. A pseudo-religious phenomenon that is every bit as zealous in its intolerance and desire to eradicate non-followers as any of the horrifying revolutions that the last century witnessed.

And as Mr. Wright notices, those liberals who blindly follow this because at least it's not conservative, are going to be up a creek in the near future.  Oh, some of them will just jettison whatever values and priorities that they cherish in order to keep up.  But those who finally have the scales fall off their eyes and see this evil for what it is, will be left friendless.  Hopefully those who cling to the Faith and the traditions of goodness and righteousness will set aside pride and welcome them in, forgive them, and let them know that where opposition to tyranny is concerned, the umbrella can be mighty large.


  1. So please tell me how liberalism is sexist?

  2. For classic sexism examples, ask Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin. Why, Liberals railed against Limbaugh for over a month when what he said about Sandra Fluke paled in comparison to things said about Palin by liberal pundits who liberals continued to love and admire.

    An example of the new liberal sexism is, of course, that which is said and done to men which, if said and done to women, would be considered sexist or male dominated oppression. So if more men than women go to college, it’s a vile holdover from patriarchal, sexist and oppressing social structures. If more women than men go to college, then all is right with the world.

    I have a simple standard for right and wrong. If saying or doing ‘X’ is wrong when it’s applied by these people to those people over there, then it’s wrong when applied by those people to these people over here.


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