Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Columbus Ohio votes for discrimination

Discrimination against people who hold to traditional Christian values that is.  As the Left settles into the easy chair of victory and begins the next stage of mop-up operations, our dear political hub of Buckeye Country makes it clear that there is no room in this country for people who still cling to a traditional Christian understanding of morality.

Oh sure, if you are willing to change and convert to the Leftist gospel, you're OK.  For now.  Until the next round of reformations sweep through.  Then, of course, you'll be called upon to jettison whatever it is that no longer fits the bill.  And if not?  Then this.

Yes, I know that's what civilizations have always been about.  Laws are based on morality and the belief in moral absolutes. Civilizations must have a notion of right and wrong, be willing to demand conformity to these notions of right and wrong, and furthermore be prepared to punish those who refuse to conform to the unalterable definitions of moral superiority.

The problem with the Left is the utter hypocrisy in how it sold its wares.  Like Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs, who killed young girls and then used their skin to make a 'woman' suit he could wear about the house, the Left skinned the more noble elements of classical liberalism and used it to walk about in an 'enlightened' suit until, well, now.

With resistance crumbling and power being consolidated, expect more and more of our governments -  state, local and federal - to put the squeeze on those who fail to conform.  Ironically, this is done by those who pounded the drums on how judgmental and puritanical our forefathers were, which is why liberalism was here to save the day in the first place.  Now, today, those very forces are using an intrusiveness and legal extortion that would shame a puritan witch trial.

Oh, and for those who say this is just some legislative symbolism, it only impacts city workers, and doesn't really equate to some Midwestern Treblinka.  Remember, the Treblinkas of the world didn't pop up overnight.  Their foundations alone were centuries in the making.  And even the immediate causes took years and decades to unfold.  If you want a future despotism, however, convincing a nation that an entire state should be punished because some people think boys should use the boys bathroom is certainly a step in the right direction.

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