Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Just because all societies are destined to change

Does not - repeat, does not - mean that the changes will be for the better:

As I watched this, I wondered how many Christians like me are complicit in allowing the changes.  That's long been a theory of mine, that liberalism thrives because there are no conservatives who completely agree on what should be rejected, and what should be sustained.  And, of course, changes aren't always bad, and liberalism is not always wrong.  That's obvious.  So you end up with very few things that all non-progressives actually agree should be resisted.  Most progressives, and the rest of non-progressives, are willing to embrace the next new thing, and viola!  It's change that lasts. Until the next change builds on it.  I watched this and I couldn't help wonder how much I'm to blame.

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