Friday, May 13, 2016

Obama demonstrates why people do not trust Socialism

Because it gives the impression that once you gather all money into the coffers of the federal government, the federal government can then crush all resistance and demand absolute fealty and obedience.  So without having a legal definition of Transgender that is agreed upon, Obama has threatened your local school if it won't let boys use the girl's restroom or have access to the locker room where your daughters shower.

That's power.  That's legislating morality.  That's demanding conformity.  And that's why people, mostly conservatives, are highly suspicious of the growing trend of imagining that only the federal government can solve our problems, so all wealth and power must be consolidated into the national tent.

Again, the thing about the whole Transgender cudgel being used to finish off the Judeo-Christian heritage of Western Civilization is that it is undefined.  As of now, there is no agreed upon legal definition, no way of saying who is and isn't, or why.  Most of the reasons given seem to fly in the face of what was said about gender and gender stereotypes only a generation ago.  That there is no legal definition of gender that could help is because, up until about now, people assumed that no matter who wanted to have sex with who, there was still boys and girls.

Even until recently, Transgender was technically a mental problem.  But in keeping with the general tendency of academia, the various mental and health associations miraculously decided that what the dominate cultural force of the times wanted to hear turned out to be true.  Even if it means what it once said about gender stereotypes is now passe and it turns out  that everything we know it wrong.  Once again.  And even then, there is still no real consensus on why.   Let's face it, they just know it isn't wrong because the people at the cocktail parties who give the grant money want it that way.

So without anything but the typical fluid research that always conforms to the latest trends.  Without feeling compelled to legally define anything.  Without having a national debate.  Without anyone being forced to plead a case to the American people, Obama's government has stepped in and said this new morality is now the national morality, all institutions and subjects of the state are bound to conform to this morality, and all other rights which run afoul of this new morality are rescinded.

And we let it happen.  We, the most educated generation in history with unprecedented access to limitless information, let it happen.  Whatever contempt we have for generations who came before us will, I have a feeling, pale in comparison to the contempt that future ages will have for us.

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