Monday, May 16, 2016

Have you ever noticed the difference

Between a scandal that impacts non-liberals vs. a scandal that impacts liberals?  Ever notice the difference in how they are covered?  Assuming, of course, that scandals impacting liberals are even covered.  I asked my boys when was the last time a liberal Democrat became the target of a media driven scandal over something he or she said?  At least, not in an election year, where the media will pick its favorites, even in the Democratic party.  Other than election time, can you think of a major scandal centered around anything a liberal Democrat said?  I can't either.

So just finding scandals that could impact liberalism is tough.  When it happens, notice some of the tricks used.  Take the story about Facebook workers told to suppress Conservative news stories.  I have no idea if it is true.  I'll probably never know, since I doubt it will receive much coverage.  Right now, I've only seen it mentioned a couple times outside of FOX and some conservative news sites.

That's the first trick, by the way.  The old Hearst approach to Citizen Kane.  If you don't like it, simply suppress the story.  Don't cover it.  Act like it isn't there.  So the idea that a major billion dollar corporation that is a key factor in modern discourse and information was deliberately censoring news based on beliefs and ideologies would, you'd think, get some attention.  More than a handful of stories.  But you'd be wrong.  At least so far.

When they do cover the stories, as in this little piece here, notice what happens.  It's all nuance and breakdown and details.  It's analyzing the schematics, the flowcharts, the history of all involved.  It's breaking down the numbers, parsing the verbs and trying to divide the subject into a million smaller issues, each of which are worth months and years of examination.  In short, I got bored reading the thing.

But when it's a scandal that can impact or harm conservatism?  Then it's War Peacock!  There is no need for subtlety.  It's sexism and the War on Women!  Racism and Black Lives Matter!  Homophobia and Gender Binary! Carnage and death and the world teetering on the brink of ruin!  And it gets 24/7 coverage, headline news, round table discussions for days or even weeks, all wondering how such evil could run amok in the conservative ranks and threaten so many innocent people.

That's how they do it;.

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