Friday, May 20, 2016

More on Pope Francis and the good that comes from judging others

Is demonstrated here.  Again, few popes in modern history have so perfected the art of judging, and doing so brutally, as has Pope Francis. And the Left, that for so many generations insisted that judging was wrong, and subsequently hoisted an endless stream of sins and stupidity on the unsuspecting West as a result, is the first to line up and cheer.  Once more this reminds us that it is time to rethink some of those lofty principles that Christians have been forced to accept.  Especially since the ones who forced us to accept them seem to be the first ones happy to abandon those same principles when convenient - assuming they ever believed in them at all.  Not only does following such folly weaken the Faith's ability to proclaim Truth to a fallen world, but if we're not careful, just like the emergent Left has demonstrated time and again, we can become the type who declares principles to be things that are merely convenient for getting our way at the moment or being awesome in the latest argument on the blogosphere.

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