Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Since the Left thrives on hypocrisy

And by that, I mean the Secular Left, which is really just saying the damp wetness - since the Left thrives on hypocrisy, we have stories like this.  A non-profit art museum will, once again, step out with courage to mock ... Catholics.  At least the Catholic Mass.

It was a testimony to the cleverness of the Left, and the dumb of the traditional Christians in America, that we accepted this double standard.  We accepted the premise that if a painting of Jesus was put up someplace that accepted tax money, it was a gross violation of Church and State, but if you encase that same painting in urine, suddenly it's artistic expression, bold tolerance for expression, and a worthy cause for our hard earned taxes.

Shame on our dumbness, or our wimpiness, or both.  I'm never sure which.

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