Friday, May 20, 2016

GOP shoots self in foot

And demonstrates why so many are sick to death of the GOP and will support anyone, even Donald Trump, as long as he doesn't represent what the GOP has produced for the last two decades or so.  I understand that with abortion proclaimed a Constitutional right that any attempt to curb it will be thrown out by the courts.  Liberalism is now the interpretive canvas upon which most legislative and judicial decisions are made.  Much in the same way that a grande mixture of European Enlightenment and historic Judeo-Christian views and philosophies once occupied that position.

As a result, the bill was doomed to die.  And Governor Fallin could have had a justifiable concern about its ultimate success.  But right now, the headlines read variations of  "[GOP] Governor Vetoes Anti-Abortion Bill."  Somehow, in some way, she could have done it differently.  I don't know how involved she was in the process, so I don't want to judge that, nor judge her too harshly overall.  But the way in which she did it simply gives fuel to those who are pro-choice, those who are fed up with the GOP, and of course, those who insist they're conservatives at heart but seem to search for any and every reason under the sun to support liberal Democrats.

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