Friday, May 20, 2016

Why I will not visit

Catholic and Enjoying It again is best summed up in this and this.  Two links sent to me since I mentioned it was up and running. Personally, I'd rather go to Jack Chick's blog to learn about Catholicism, or the Friendly Atheist to learn about Christian history.

As I said, I don't care for Donald Trump, and that includes the many imitators out there who might despise Trump, but can't seem to resist acting like the very things in him they so zealously condemn.   A Catholic apologist representing the Church who resorts to declaring himself in perfect obedience and fraternity with the infallible interpretation of the Holy Catholic Church, while accusing anyone who disagrees with him of being murderers and torturers and blasphemers with blood lust can barely rise above the level of a Jack Chick.  And often being no more balanced or informed than Donald Trump, CAEI is not the place to go for spiritual edification or doctrinal instruction.

Those who continue to cheer Mark while continue to trash Trump (or Jack Chick for that matter), simply illustrate the point my boys were trying to make about the Facebook generation in the first place.


  1. So I asked TM Lutas, and apparently he's already been banned.

    Says a lot about Shea right there. He just cannot abide disagreement any more.

  2. Part of me is saddened. It really is. I think Mark has the abilities to bring much to the table. But he is now a walking caricature of almost everything he once condemned. Those two links alone should speak volumes, and unless you're there to correct him and guide him back to the path of truth and right behavior for Christians, you shouldn't be going. That's why I stopped going to his Facebook page. The sin and the dumb were so pronounced, I felt myself being tempted to drop into the muck and mire and fight fire with fire. That so many prominent Catholic leaders continue to invite him and give him high praise says there is something seriously wrong in America's celebrity Catholic apologetics circles.

  3. Dave,

    Don't do it, for prudence sake.

    I've voluntarily stopped engaging with him for my sanctity, it would be wise to do the same.

  4. Hi Tito,

    That's why I stopped. Technically he ordered me to leave his Facebook page, though he didn't ban me. But the sin, the slander, the hypocrisy, the untruths, the accusations, and the stupidity if I may be so bold, were beginning to draw me under. I find there is a time when you realize that if you throw a clean washcloth in a mud puddle, chances are the mud puddle won't get cleaner. I will be content with praying for Mark. I'll comment on his posts only if someone sends me something that appears to be spiritually dangerous or flagrantly false. I owe that to as many out there as I can reach.


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